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Anti-social behaviour

Hi Resident,

I would like to share with you some information and useful links relating to:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Illegal off road bikes/quad bikes and eScooters
  • Cuckooing

Anti-social behaviour

This can range to all sorts of issues, to name a few - nuisance noise (including modified vehicles), littering, inconsiderate behaviour and the list goes on. You may wish to review the definition of Anti-social behaviour (ASB) on the police website. There are also details on how to report an event - CLICK HERE

A recommendation is to keep a note of any events (even if they are repeated) as this will support the police with the evidence you provide.

Illegal off road bikes/quad bikes and eScooters

There is a section in the above link specifically for these issues but it is important to understand the use of off road bikes and legal eScooters. eScooters are a common subject in various meetings/discussions and they are a popular alternative mode of green transport. Currently the only legal eScooters in our area are Voi and these can be used on the road and cycle paths but not pedestrian only pavements.  You can check out their website for further details on safe/legal usage but here are some friendly reminders:

  • The police can issue a fixed penalty notice if an eScooter is used on a pedestrian pavement.
  • As mentioned, currently Voi are legal to ride in our area. All other eScooters can only be used on private land. The police have the power to seize non-Voi eScooters as well as issue fixed penalty notices and possible points on a driving licence. I've had this happen to a friend and his trip to the local store for milk ended up being very expensive!
  • There are terms and conditions on using the legal Voi eScooters as the rider must be at least 18 years of age to use the service and they must hold a provisional or full driving licence - more information This also covers the rider with the Voi insurance so if anything did go wrong at least the insurance will help in some way for all parties.
  • Don't drive them on the A45 - I kid you not. I was astonished when I saw a Voi going Northbound with all the commuter traffic whizzing past him. Brave but mad! There are restrictions on what roads the Voi eScooters can be used - have a look at the Voi website.


So what has a cute fluffy bird got to do with NW alerts and the police? Well it's not bird spotting, this is where organised crime groups (OCG) can take over someone's home! The police have a dedicated webpage to provide an overview and how to spot the signs. It is important to keep an eye out for any vulnerable neighbours as they could be targeted as an easy victim. It can be devastating for the individual(s) with some being turfed out of their home! 
So we can all do our part by keeping an eye out, diarising anything suspicious and reporting it to the police.

Please remember that should you have an emergency call 999. 
To report anything else please call 101 or report via the Northants police online portal CLICK HERE

If you wish to give information anonymously then the Crimestoppers website is a great service CLICK HERE

I hope you have found this information useful.

Take care.


All the best.

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