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Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, Kettering Rural Area

NB This message requires you to take action and please respond.

Dear Co-ordinator,

You are receiving this message because your details are registered on the Neighbourhood Alert system as the Co-ordinator of a NHW scheme located within Kettering Rural. 

The mapped area for NHW schemes within the area of Kettering Rural have been reviewed and an attempt to correct errors has been made.  Some maps were not correctly located and in some locations there are two schemes registered for the same street.  

It would appreciated if you would log in to your scheme in Ourwatch.org.uk and review the area covered by your scheme and adjust the map accordingly. To do this, after logging on to the system, click on Neigbourhood Watch Tools in the yellow bar at the top of the screen, then click on Manage Schemes, scroll down the page to the map and amend if necessary.

NB It would be appreciated if you would please confirm that you have completed this task by replying to this message, thank you.

This is important for several reasons:.

Any ‘new’ members attempting to find a scheme via the Ourwatch web site will be confused over which scheme to join (assuming there is one for their location)

Any redundant schemes should be removed. NB If no response is received to confirm a NHW scheme is still active and correctly mapped, the scheme will be removed from the Alert system.

If we are to encourage NPT officers to liaise with NHW Co-ordinators / members we should endeavour to have the schemes and membership correctly registered

If you have any difficulties please contact me and I will try to assist.

Thank you for responding.

Sandra Hunter

NHW Kettering, Multi Scheme Administrator



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Sandra Hunter
(Northants NW, District Lead Admin - Kettering, Kettering)

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